MR BASHE is the C E O of LeBash Architects who holds a National Diploma in Architectural Technology, B-Tech Architectural Environmental Techology. His experience has stretched from South Africa to Zambia, Botswana and Dubai. He has over 15 years’ experience in Architectural industry. Mr Bashe has exercised his expertise of Architectural service, Project Co-ordination, Site Implementation and Supervision in areas not limited to Commercial Development, Social Property Development, High Density Developments, Public Schools, Schools, PPP (Public Private Partnership), Residential and Specialising in Eco Environment Designs. He commenced his Architectural services in 2003 to at C.S. Sudio Architects in Cape Town to as an Architectural Technician. During his employ Mr Bashe had opportunities of working with well-established companies operating internationally. He resigned a Managing Director in Architectural Department on his fifth employ in 2008 to start his own company (LeBash Architects) which has been operating since 2009. Mr Bashe has acquired among other expertise, Project Management, Product and Marketing Management and Design Architect.


MR KGOTLE is Technical Director of Le Bash Architects who holds the following qualifications; National Diploma in Architects at TUT, National Diploma in Landscaping at TUT and Project Management Fundamentals & Advance Project Management at Damelin, He is currently enrolled for MSc in Construction Management. He has over 9 years’ experience in the Architectural industry. Tefo joined Le Bash Architects in 2012 bringing on board huge experience in the field of Landscaping and site supervission in terms of contract management. As a proactive Senior Architectural Technologist and Project Manger in Construction he has sound Technical knowledge and enjoy experience in the following fields of Architecture Public Buildings, Medical Institutions, Residential and Estate Housing.He has developed a strong communications skill excelling in the following languages: English (speak, read and write), Zulu (speak), Sepedi (speaks, read and write) and Sotho (speak, read). board


MISS PHALATSI, is on of the directors whose speciality with in the company is Project Director who holds the following qualifications, Bachelor in Building Arts, Masters of Architectural Professional) who studied at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Her experience stretches across South Africa. Miss Phalatsi has exercise her expertise as Executive director and Project Architect at TC Design Architects. She joined Le Bash Architects in 2016, under design, production, and project management of commercial, office and Projects co-ordination.