Le’Bash Architects announces its specialty in idea findings (project initiations/ conceptualizing), process & project planning, designing & construction management. Our architectural work has been perceived as a symbol/signature on the landscape. This manifests itself from the impact we impose on the green feilds mostly in rural landscape. This has been expressed on our profile of work.


As a young practice with experienced team, we are keenly aware of the necessity to advance in learning, to exchange with other disciplines, and we actively pursue interdisciplinary collaboration within our company. We believe that the basic intelligence of architecture is generated first of all from the bottom up and from within. Our architectural designs are confronted by and address a set of modern contemporary conditions, namely climate change, globalization, technology and urbanization. Our interest and continuing research within our company is extremely show cased on how these conditions will inform and inspire our designs..



Le’Bash Architects has knowledge of proven, traditional practices which are widely applied as well as knowledge of innovative and advanced practices. The experience housed within Le Bash Architects is immense because of the team that has more than 30 years experience combined


Project Management profession at Le’Bash comprises of the following:


  • We have championed the knowledge, skills and experience in project management , assisting in reducing levels of risks within our projects and thereby enhancing likelihood of success,
  • We have design systems and emplement various types of tools to improve chances of success of our projects, These include document templates, registers, planning software, modeling software, audit checklists, and review forms- all imbrased in our ISO 9001:2000 Certificate process
  • The trail of successful projects which Le Bash Architects has been directly or indirectly involved in speaks loudly of the success of the innovative systems we have implemented and continued to pursue.


Le’Bash Architects offers a group of variety yet related projects that involve turning general living spaces into an “effective range of spaces for human activities” that are to take place there and as per our client’s brief.

We pride ourselves with:


  • Interior of private residences on existing and new houses by remodeling the mood and iconic effects of the spaces.
  • Office space planning, reception and waiting areas


We offer full Turnkey Development Services for residential or private homes and commercial buildings, taking care of all aspects from development to handing over the keys. The alignment of Le’ Bash Architects with Private Developer has made us champion the processes and limit the risks in the Turnkey developments.


We get involved when the idea is being born and assist our clients with funding methodologies and successfully seeing the end product with the team, which is complete with Consultants and Contractors. Le’Bash Architects Turnkey Development services are flexible and completely tailored to meet the needs of our clients and encompass the following:


  • Locality identification
  • Architectural and design team selection,
  • Design proposals and planning of the development,
  • Construction-estimate, schedule, budgeting, building,
  • Complete project management, including efficiently coordinating a team of specialists such as builders, subcontractors and surveyors, 1st and 2nd fit through to interior design and landscaping.
  • Progress reports on project development