Le Bash Architects is a 100% black owned architectural company driven by a young dynamic innovative and well experienced combination of professionals in the field of Built Environment who strongly shared the same vision that mind shapes the world & co-ordination defines prowess and success.


We pride ourselves with our expertise in Architecture, Interior Décor, Project Management in Construction, Property and Infrastructure Consulting. The company has maintained its professionalism, management principles and values, and has more than 15 reputable years of experience in the industry.


To provide Innovative Planning, Design and Management in the Green Eco-Systems of the Built Environment, with design principles driven by the Socio- Economics.


To anoint the architectural and Construction Industry enlarge in the context of exceptionally strong and rewarding interpersonal-client relationships by upholding principles of excellent designs, ensuring quality of construction and effective function of the spaces we create.


To provide Quality, Loyalty, Professionalism and to acknowledge that the environmental evolution and the project vision does relate to the financial value. This is practical by our unique tailor-made system of mastering the principle of Mind-Hand-Implementation process through the following principles.


  • Constructive Relationships: We foster trust, loyalty and mutual respect towards our customers, building constructive relationships with our clients at the heart of our practice, fostering deep collaboration among the team members for all our projects.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Creating unique and innovative design solutions that respond to each client’s aesthetic and budgetary needs which provide our Clients with growing knowledge base that reflects latest developments in the world of architecture.
  • Appealing Designs:
 We foster positive and creative work environment by involving all levels of our talented multidisciplinary team at all stages of our projects resulting in rigorous, engaging designs that work at the best satisfaction of our clients, the end user, and the modern world.
  • Sustainability: Enforce operating systems, best practices, adaptability, and continuing improvement of all components of Le’Bash Architects to ensure operation of a sustainable company.


Le’bash architect believes in:


Functionality: We achieve functionality through use of a number of structures our company has, this is from the office practice day to day activities to the deign outcome that we deliver to our clients.


Eco-friendly: We believe in green architecture. We are inspired by a reaction to a growing desire to be as environmentally friendly and responsible as possible, being resource-efficient throughout our project life cycles, taking advantage of local and natural materials but also using latest technology available to fulfill energy needs and avoiding environmental degradation,


Pragmatic: Le’Bash Architects is driven by wisdom, integrity, aesthetic designs, intellectualism and compassion from team players that are able to convert ideologies or propositions into practical ideas that work satisfactorily


Outstanding service and quality: In performance of our work, we act competently, conscientiously and responsibly; providing high standard of skill and knowledge, the ability and the financial and technical resources appropriate for production of unique and innovative services of high quality that are to the best satisfaction of our clients,


Value for money: We are professional problem solvers with experience and insights that will help stretch client budget and add value to projects guaranteeing prompt and timeous delivery of consistently high quality products and services,


Integrity in business conduct: We strictly adhere to moral values and principles, conducting our business with honesty, fairness and impartiality at all times without allowing Le’Bash Architects to be improperly influenced either by self-interest nor interests of others, and


Delighting our clients: We promote and adhere to professional ethics that support honesty, loyalty, integrity, accountability and respect for our clients, colleagues, community, and environment, exceeding our clients’ expectations through competency and high quality products and services.